Hope Reilly

Hope_Reilly_board-pageWhy PRSA? I joined PRSA to expand my professional horizons and develop connections with fellow industry professionals. My involvement has enabled me to always keep growing in my role and enhancing my expertise in new and emerging fields. PRSA enables me to stay on the cutting edge in an ever-evolving industry, so I never become irrelevant. 

Hope Reilly has more than six years of experience in public affairs and public relations. She is Manager of Public Affairs and Chief Social Media Strategist at Southwest Strategies, California’s leading public affairs and public outreach firm.

In her current role, Hope oversees the strategic planning and implementation of communications and public outreach campaigns for a number of projects, and spearheads social media strategy development and execution for the firm. Her work has been recognized with more than two dozen local, state and national awards for public relations, public affairs, and marketing communications.

Reilly received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Communication from George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs, with a minor in International Politics and Economics.

Connect with Hope on LinkedIn and Twitter (@hopeditto).