APR Preparation Training That Works

If your new year’s resolution is to build on your PR skills and are considering going for your APR here’s a great tool to help you be successful: the APR Online Training Course and associated virtual student COHORTS. This program provides the APR candidate with both disciplined academic learning environment and virtual classmates.

The APR Online Study Course is a great option for candidates who want to study at their own pace, on their own time, or study effectively with others…online! Organized around the required APR “Knowledge, Skills and Abilities” (KSA’s) the online course assists the candidate both in preparing for the APR Readiness Review, as well as learning tips and best practices for success in taking the case study-format APR exam. Universal Accreditation Board statistics support the fact that there is a much higher pass rate among individuals choosing this method of preparation.

The course lasts approximately 16 weeks, so that the student truly “owns” the required APR knowledge at the end of the program. The course is offered to: 1) potential APR candidates, 2) as a refresher course for current APR’s (who also facilitate and mentor during the online course), and 3) anyone else who is interested in a comprehensive overview of public relations. Participants are able to enter the course at any time; they have one year to complete the course of study.

The modular online course includes information on the APR Knowledge, Skills and Abilities covered in the Readiness Review and the examination; supported by an academic body of knowledge found in the leading PR industry texts. Utilizing an interactive multimedia platform, asynchronous activities, case study analysis, required readings, assigned projects, guided discussion, quizzes and simulations, the online course provides the APR candidate with an active and substantive learning experience. Collaboration and teamwork is encouraged in each module to simulate current public relations business practices; demonstrating the application of the theoretical to the practical.

“The *study guide* …was invaluable. I read it at least 4 times over and over so that I could master the information. And of course reading Cutlip, Broom was critical and I read that 3 times to “master the info”. And the #1 most valuable tool in my preparation for Readiness Review and the exam was the *ONLINE STUDY COURSE. *”

Katherine Voss, APR


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