Berkman’s PR Bootcamp

Berkman Strategic Communications has built the ultimate workshop for Not-for-profits and emerging small companies! CEO’s, marketing, development or new business executives, looking to understand the huge benefits of properly executed PR programs the smart way, will greatly benefit from this experience. We will cover topics such as media relations, key messages, brand management, effective us of ambassadors, media training and maximizing content targeting. The workshop will work to bring participants to a deeper understanding of their own company’s strengths and learn how to continuously separate and elevate their brand. The Bootcamp may be sponsored by companies, foundations, boards of directors or paid for directly by each participant. The presentation is tailored for organizations in the non-profit, law, hospitality, medical, real estate, financial services field and many more. The comprehensive workshop requires dedication, a strong-work ethic and sincere desire to succeed.

Jack Berkman has become a bonafide “influencer” in his profession. He has been practicing for 40 years, representing organizations regionally, nationally and internationally. Jack is a “Fellow” and Accredited Member of the Public Society of America and recently awarded The San Diego Press Club 2018 Andy Mace Special Award. This award is given to a PR practitioner whose career exemplified fairness and integrity and has effectively disseminated the truth to concerned publics.

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