ChefsBest Retains Crowe PR as Public Relations Agency of Record

San Diego Companies Partner to Elevate ChefsBest Brand Nationally

SAN DIEGO, March 28, 2018—ChefsBest, a San Diego-based company that guides consumers to the best tasting foods in a category, announced today it has retained Crowe PR as its public relations agency of record. Crowe PR has been brought on to execute a comprehensive public relations program designed to increase brand awareness around ChefsBest and communicate its mission of helping consumers identify the best tasting and highest quality products in grocery store aisles, while also spotlighting the company’s proprietary sensory evaluation process and panel of highly-trained Master Tasters.

Headquartered in San Diego, with a second location in New York City, Crowe PR is an ROI-focused PR agency that offers traditional and emergent public relations services, from brand positioning and media relations, to influencer marketing and social media strategy. The agency’s core focus areas include consumer and B2B technology, health and wellness, hospitality, apparel and adventure brands. In addition to corporate communications support, brand positioning, thought leadership and media relations, the company’s proprietary Social Crowe™ influencer model connects brands with the most fitting influencers around the globe to authentically and strategically grow brand awareness and consumer engagement.

“We’re thrilled about our strategic partnership with Crowe PR to drive brand awareness for ChefsBest on both a local and national level,” said Lisa Liguori, ChefsBest President and CEO. “ChefsBest has a unique brand story to tell and we are confident that Crowe PR is the right partner to help us effectively convey it and build up our national presence as a leader in the space.”

ChefsBest provides national brands with the ability to justify ad claims and differentiate themselves through third-party endorsement, which ultimately leads to more sales and the ability to justify a price premium. A recent uSamp study determined 67 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a ChefsBest award-winning product than one without the ChefsBest medallion on-pack. According to an A/B test, digital ads with the ChefsBest medallion on them experienced a 20 percent higher click-through rate than ads without the award present. The ChefsBest medallion is on millions of packages consumers place in their grocery carts. In addition to the Quality in Craft Award, ChefsBest has two main awards—Best Taste and Excellence Awards. When licensed, the Best Taste Award allows a product to claim that it’s the highest rated among leading brands in a particular category and the Excellence Award allows a product to claim that it meets or surpasses quality standards established by independent, professional chefs.

 “We love working with like-minded brands, whose mission is to implement bold ideas and strategies to help companies stand out from competition and succeed,” said Anna Crowe, Founder and CEO at Crowe. “Between the science, methodology and a team of Master Tasters, ChefsBest is a great example of a company challenging their industry and doing things differently. We’re honored to partner with the company to tell their unique story and help ChefsBest get to the next level of brand awareness and growth.”

ChefsBest partners with major national brands including Vitafusion, Welch’s, SlimFast, Goya, and more. For more information on ChefsBest, please visit To learn more about Crowe PR,


ChefsBest guides consumers to the best tasting foods in a category by identifying the best tasting and highest quality products through a rigorous proprietary sensory evaluation process. ChefsBest is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. and a Center for Taste in San Francisco, Calif. ChefsBest has completed more than 500 tastings for top national brands, bestowing its Best Taste and Excellence Awards on the highest quality products in the market. ChefsBest awards are a nationally recognized trust mark and are used by many national brands including Vitafusion, Welch’s, Slimfast, Goya, and more. For more information, visit

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