InstaHealthy Retains Crowe PR as Public Relations Agency of Record

InstaHealthy, a leading San Diego-based healthy vending business, announced today it has retained Crowe PR as its public relations agency of record. Crowe PR has been brought on to grow the InstaHealthy brand and national business, communicating the company’s mission to create healthier eating habits, while offering entrepreneurs new ways to generate income, diversify portfolios, and positively impact their communities.

Founded in 2015, InstaHealthy offers healthy and organic snacks and drinks inside state-of-the-art vending machines, placed at schools, hospitals, shopping centers, YMCAs, sports complexes and other high-traffic locations. The company prides itself on its industry-leading, healthy, preservative-free product offering and a turnkey business model that equips investors, known as InstaPartners, with high-tech machines, location procurement, product support and dedicated customer care managers. InstaHealthy currently has vending machines and InstaPartners in more than 40 markets across the country.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., Crowe PR is an ROI-focused PR firm that offers traditional and emergent public relations services, from brand positioning and media relations, to influencer marketing and social media strategy.

“Crowe PR’s unwavering commitment to delivering bold ideas, coupled with their strategic, results-oriented approach and expertise in elevating brands, played a big role in the decision to appoint them as our PR partner,” said Ryan OKeefe, Founder and CEO at InstaHealthy. “With our rapid growth and expansion into new markets, we look forward to working with like-minded pros at Crowe PR to tell our story and build up our presence as a leading company within the healthy vending space.”

Crowe PR will play an essential role in building awareness for the company in all major markets around the country, communicating InstaHealthy’s competitive differences, core value propositions and its focus on changing consumer eating habits and decreasing obesity rates.

“We love working with brands that are passionate about creating real change, especially when it comes to health and wellness,” said Anna Crowe, Founder and CEO at Crowe PR. “InstaHealthy is on mission to make healthy food and drink options accessible to communities nationwide, and we look forward to helping them grow their brand and company, as they create business opportunities for entrepreneurs and family businesses.”

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