Members Make Real-Time Connections on MyPRSA Communities

PRSA Members Turn to Recently Introduced Forum to Solve Problems and Get Advice

Did you know that through PRSA membership, you have access to discussion forums through which you can make real-time connections with hundreds of professionals, who can offer ideas for solving the challenges you face in your organization?  By logging into your MyPRSA account on the PRSA national website, you can get the answers and help you are looking for in MyPRSA Communities.

For example, a San Diego PR practitioner recently posted to the Open Forum Community asking for recommendations on internal communications apps. More than 20 responses provided this PR pro with a plethora of information and recommendations to choose from. Now that’s networking!

PRSA’s members enjoy these benefits and more. If you’re not a member join today! If you are a member and want to learn more about member benefits, contact Maria McGregor, PRSA SD/IC membership chair, or visit the website.


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