What Interests You?

Not all PR is the same. While there are some challenges that are universal to all PR and communications professionals, it is those hurdles that are unique to your industry that can be the hardest to overcome.

With this in mind, PRSA has created 14 professional interest groups, known as Sections. These groups help members connect on a deeper level with those in their industry. Through in-person events, webinars and an online community, Section members are able to ask questions, request sample documents and get feedback for projects that they’re working on.

Click here to view all 14 Professional Interest Sections to find the one that is right for you!Join PRSA now for $320 and you will also receive a membership to a Professional Interest Section* for free — just use the promo code SUMMER17.

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Each Section provides members:

  • Section newsletter
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Networking opportunities online and at select events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Discounts to Section sponsored events (when applicable)

If you have any questions, the PRSA Membership team would be happy to help. Feel free to call (212) 460-1400 or email Member Services. You can also talk with our Chapter Membership Chair Maria McGregor at (760) 936-7467.

*RESTRICTIONS: This offer does not include the Counselors Academy or New Professionals Sections. N/A for Associate member types ($200 or less annual dues) and current or renewing members. Refer here for details.

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