Who Doesn’t Like Free Stuff?

April 1 through May 31: Waived New Professionals Section Membership fee with Associate Membership registration

Soon to be a PRSSA or college graduate? Have less than 5 years of experience? PRSA is offering a free New Professionals Section membership with promo code AM17 for Associate Members when they register for the first time.

As a PRSSA member, you are eligible to join PRSA as an Associate Member up to five months before or two years after you graduate. Associate Member dues are only $60 – a savings of nearly $200 – per year.

If you have less than one year of experience, you can join PRSA as an Associate Member 1 ($115 annual dues), and receive a New Professionals Section membership with the same promo code, AM17.

The New Professionals Section is a subgroup of PRSA for members who are new to the profession. Networking with peers who are sharing your challenges is the best way to assess and accelerate your career advancement. Through newsletters, mentoring, podcasts, webinars and in-person events tailored for new professionals, you are able to build critical knowledge and skills needed for success in the workplace. Check out the latest online PRSA Associate Membership promo-codes and information.


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