P.R.E.P. (Public Relations Embracement Program)

PREP is an early outreach pilot program sponsored by the Diversity Committee of the Public Relations Society of America – San Diego & Imperial Counties Chapter.

The goal of PREP is to better educate high school students about the field of public relations and the career opportunities available for those interested in studying PR. The volunteer practitioners participating in this program are of diverse backgrounds with knowledge and expertise in various areas of public relations.

PREP network volunteers make themselves available to speak about the profession and associated opportunities to students. Speakers will answer key questions such as:

  • What is public relations (PR)?
  • What do PR professionals do?
  • What types of jobs are available in PR?
  • How do I start a new career?

PREP network volunteers are also available to students as resources or mentors to help students during their college search, application, and selection processes, as well as offer continued guidance for the duration of the student’s college enrollment.

Why is PREP important?

The demand for public relations professionals continues to grow and practitioners are being “…called upon to deliver more effective messages; promote deeper understanding between an organization and its publics; increase employee attraction and retention; enrich public relations departments with diverse talents, fertile dialogue and increased innovation; improve corporate reputation and expand market shares in diversity segments of stakeholder publics (2006).”1

Become a PREP volunteer practitioner or request a speaker for your educational institution/class




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