PRSA SD-IC Blog Guidelines for Writers

The PRSA San Diego Imperial County chapter’s editorial mission is to advance the practice of public relations by providing a forum for members to engage in dialogue with PRSA leadership, exchange viewpoints and share perspectives on issues of mutual concern within our industry. Our intention is to provide thoughtful and meaningful content for our membership and broader community.*

Submission Criteria for Contributors

PRSA SD-IC offers a number of monthly publishing slots available to guest contributors that satisfy the following submission criteria:

  • Guest contributors are welcome to submit relevant, logical and interesting content, including standalone posts or series and accompanying graphics and multimedia visuals.
  • PRSA members are given priority when scheduling blog posts, non-members (a person whose organization does not have an active member) may submit one blog post per year.
  • Posts must advance the practice of public relations and provide new insights for practitioners. We are not seeking re-hashed ideas.
  • All content must be useful and practical for our audience. While posts do not need to include how-to steps, we are seeking specific takeaways or key themes.
  • Topics that delve into current trends impacting the public relations industry are of particular interest, especially those that distill national advocacy issues and articulate their impact on the San Diego region.
  • Only full blog posts are considered. We do not accept pitches or advocacy for a specific client. The approach an article takes will determine if it is an editorial fit.
  • We will accept posts that have already been published elsewhere as long as they are realigned with our blog guidelines.
  • Word count should be between 500-750 words.

We do not accept submissions that fall into the following categories:

  • Self-promotional posts that do not address an issue of public interest, including white papers, and other promotional content meant to tout the benefits of one specific client or project.
  • Posts with unclear focal points, or those that are not clearly organized or formatted to grab reader attention.
  • Articles created as blatant link-bait, with little original insight or practical discussion provided within the post copy.
  • Op-ed style posts that discuss why an issue is important without discussing how, specifically, it can be leveraged for public relations practitioners.

How to Submit Content

Each post submission is reviewed by the PRSA SD-IC board for alignment with acceptance criteria. If the post is approved, we will contact you within two weeks with feedback and a run date.

  • Send your  post content pasted into an email to
  • Attach a hi-res image author headshot
  • Include an author bio of approximately 50 words or less, Twitter handle and LinkedIn link
  • Attach a high-resolution image that can run as the “cover” for your post. This can be a photo, a chart, a screenshot, or a piece of theme art that represents the article topic in a compelling visual way.

*Please note that the views and opinions expressed on the blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policies or positions of PRSA San Diego Imperial County or PRSA National.