PR Madness to Wellness: Learn to Support Professional and Personal Health

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An enlightening and transformative event that will revolutionize the way you approach public relations and your overall well-being.

Join us for an enlightening and transformative event that will revolutionize the way you approach public relations and your overall well-being. “From PR Madness to Wellness” is a unique gathering where the worlds of PR, mindfulness, and self-care converge, featuring three extraordinary speakers who will guide you on a journey to find balance and success in the demanding field of public relations.

In the fast-paced world of public relations, professionals often find themselves navigating high-stress environments, tight deadlines, and constant demand. This event offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the vital connection between PR, personal wellness, and leadership in a holistic way.

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers:

Crosby Noricks – Somatic Practitioner, PR Consultant: Crosby Noricks is a renowned expert in public relations and a somatic practitioner. With years of experience in the PR industry, Crosby understands the pressures PR professionals face on a daily basis. She will shed light on the importance of mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-care practices for enhancing your effectiveness in PR, making it not just about the work but also about your personal well-being.

Loretta Turner – Coach and Well-Being Strategist, Do-Good Leadership: Loretta Turner is a coach and well-being strategist, specializing in helping individuals achieve personal and professional fulfillment. She will share her expertise on how well-being strategies can elevate your leadership skills, boost productivity, and enhance your career in the field of public relations.

Hiram Soto – Sr. Director of Communications, Mixte Communications: Hiram Soto, a senior director of communications at Mixte Communications, has a wealth of experience managing PR in diverse industries. He will provide insights into striking the right balance between the demands of the PR world and your well-being, drawing from his personal experiences in leading successful PR campaigns.

Meet Our Moderator:

Amanda Nelson – PRSA Board Member: Amanda brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, making her the perfect guide for our discussion. With a keen strategic vision and a deep understanding of the complex dynamics in today’s world, Amanda has consistently demonstrated her ability to navigate intricate topics with clarity and finesse.

What to Expect:

• Practical strategies to integrate mindfulness, self-care, and well-being into your PR career.

• Networking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.

• Q&A sessions for interactive learning and knowledge sharing.

• Tools and resources to help you achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Who Should Attend:

• Public Relations Professionals

• Communication Executives

• Marketers

• PR Students

• Business Leaders

• Anyone looking to enhance their well-being and success in the PR field

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